Fia Febriani

Today might be the most precious day for my sister Fia Febriani, That’s why I want to write something about her. I’ve known her since I was born. A very strong woman, an aquarius person, independent, struggling person, and I think she is the greatest person that you’ve might want to know. She has a really big dream, and she takes a big effort to reach that dream as well. She works for a startup company, and become a personal assistant for one of great career motivator in Indonesia, Rene Suhardono. If I wrote a book like Rene Suhardono, and I should mention one of Rockstar in my life, then it should be her. Fia Febriani. People called her Fia, but I have my own – and family – call, “Fifi”.

She takes care of me in Jakarta, a place that i don’t even know if I could survive here. But she always encourage me to survive, be strong as stone, as her. Never give up of anything, because there’s nothing cannot be solved “everything has a solution

Time goes fast, isn’t it? We are now growing more and more. Now u are 25, and ready to get married. Who’s the lucky guy? is it going to be Renaldi Prabudiman?

I bet he’s going to be the luckiest guy on earth. Marrying someone who has a great personality such my sister. February 6th 2011. Happy birthday sis. Hope god will always bless you 🙂