Iren Aldriana

Have you ever have a best friend that really really close to you? If you should mention one of your best friend, who you will be mentioned? I wrote this to remind you that in this world you need a best friend that you can always count on.

The one who always be by your side, even you were far away, The one who will never leave you alone, even it’s rain or snow.. The one who will always listen you, even you were sleepy.. Best friend is more than lover. You can lose your lover, but not your best friend. So be wise on saying that she or he is your best friend.


If  you’ve known me, then you will know what i’m going to write in this section. She is a girl with a very ‘weird’ personality. She is also an Aquarius (I don’t know why I always get close with an Aquarius), she was born on February 7th, she is the luckiest girl I’ve ever met, she is pretty, many people said we are likely, she is a strong woman, labil, flexible, and crazy (not as crazy as me!)

We’ve became a best friend for more than 13 years. We are on the same elementary school, SDN Pelita, the same junior high school (SMPN 34), and we were separated when we have to continue our school. She was in SMUN 25, and I was in SMUN 8. Iren used to be my angel when I was desperate because I got rejected by one of the most favorite university in Bandung. She helped me up and asked me to register to Fikom Unpad.

I continued my study in Fikom Unpad. She became my classmate, and we always be together from then on. Well, there were so many things that we’ve done together. Love, friendship, naughtiness, and everything! She is now become a successful entrepreneur. She sells beauty product. We also make our own business which is online shop, Stuffashion.

Time goes fast. She will marry Yusup Gumilar, a brother of our friend Gempita. I just cannot believe that we are already grow up.

I dedicated this blog to my birthday best friend, IREN ALDRIANA. Hope God will always bless you, and keep you safe no matter where you are. :’)