Letter From a Daughter

Dear Mommy. For sure, I’ve never been this fragile (it’s a lie). But because I didn’t do any speech at your farewell party (I’m speechless and I know it will be reallllyyyyyyy long speech, maybe it will take an hour to say what I feel about you!), so I really want to say something here. Mommy, I’ve only known you for 5 month, but I feel like I’m having another mom in Jakarta. Well, for the time of my life, I’ve never being separated with my biological mother. But when I met you, I knew that we will be get very close.

Lesley Sudiro for me.

a great person, independent, strong, funny, mommy, care, care, care, really care, hugable, persistent, quickie!, tall, minus 8, bule, Scottish, pretty, humble, batik!, brown hair, smile, kissable, questions?, maverick πŸ™‚ (I’ll update when I remember thingy about you mom!).

And this is some words that I will always remember :

  • “Nad, you can do this! Look, you’re still very young!” .
  • “Hey sexy, where are you up to tonighy” (with flirty eyes).
  • “My Ballerinaaaa!” .
  • “Don’t worry darling, you will be okay!” .
  • “She is my superstar”
  • “I wish I can clone you!”
  • “Trust me you are the most lively person that I’ve ever seen!”
  • “Nad, can I have a 10 minutes you?”
  • “Bisaa..”
  • “Gituuu…”
  • “How many water you have today?”
  • “Have you eat?”
  • “Nad, I have some asparagus for you..”
  • Will update this later, when I remember!

And I know that I can still have that words from you! You will be around you promise me mom! πŸ™‚ You still owe me one thingy that we haven’t make it happen! And we will someday! πŸ˜€ (you know what I mean right) πŸ™‚

Mom, I promise.. I will take care my self, like you always told me, like you always want me to, like you always encourage me to be strong! I will fight and fight and fight. You are my idol! I want to be as strong as you are, as smart as you are, as persistent as you are! maybe more πŸ™‚

This ain’t goodbye, right mom? We’ll be mother and daughter forever, right? I will always give you a kiss from BBM, and a hug from Twitter! I will always remember you, remember what you have told me, what you have taught me, all things, all love, all hugs, kisses, praise, everything.

Yes, you will always be my Mommy πŸ™‚

Love, Nanath