There are many things that I’ve learned in this world until today. I think god was just being very nice to me, and yes I’m so thankful for every gifts that god gave to me. I’m not a religious person, sometimes I disobey, sometimes I don’t know how to grateful, and I’m so sorry.

This is not a spiritual confession. This is a journey of life’s story.

I was born in a very happy family. I have a great father, mother, old brother, and a cute little sister. Complete family, good financial, good parenting. I always can share compelling stories with my mother about all stupid stuffs and crazy teenage-matters. Until now, she’s always listening when I shared everything about my boyfriend, friends, colleagues, and many other things!

My father is a great dad. Even he’s very cranky, and fussy, but I love him so much. He always granted every wish I made, even it was not a birthday moment. He’s a dad in every child’s dream. He always supports me for whatever I’m doing now. I can’t thankful enough for the love that he gave to me :’)

The weirdest thing is my very quiet brother, Tito. He’s totally different from me. He’s an analytical person, and he likes to read a book. When I was child, he always teased me until I cried. He sang me a lullaby with his video games’ sound. He taught me many things about games, computer, and Internet. He taught me how to play guitar. I’m so thankful I have him as my brother :’)

The last one is my smart-pretty little lady, Alda. Unlike me, she’s quite smart and pretty in her age now. She’s very motivated by everything that challenged her. But we have some similarities like singing, and photography. I’m so thankful I have her as my sissy! :*

Well, life is too damn unfair for them who never feel “blessed” and “grateful” for everything. But again, we have to remember that we are human, and often I felt that way.


Today I want to thank you god for everything for gave me the best family ever in the world. Thank you for not possessed my spirit into anybody else’s body. Thank you for not possessed my spirit into a cockroach body :D.

Four days to go. I love my life and my family.

Love, Nanath