“God, can I just stay in this age forever? Can I just freeze the time?” – a wishes on November 8th 2011.

Growing up is something invisible. Everyday, we are growing up. Today maybe I don’t have any wrinkles. 5 days later, the wrinkles could appear. We can’t see the progress visibly, but it absolutely will happen. It’s impossible to avoid the process of growing up. We have to grow up.

I remember, when I was kid I always want to grow up fast. I was always dream to go to college, married, and have a beautiful kid. But time goes fast. I feel like I want to lay on my mother’s lap forever, and listen to an urban fairy tale that always makes me fall asleep.

I’m 23 now.

However, my birthday in this year was really touched me. Thanks god you gave me a very special friends that really care about me a lot. I’ve got some special gifts this year! take a look! \(^o^)/

I’ve got a lot of gifts from Cibo! She gave me some crazy-funny gifts!

When I came to the office, my desk was full with snacks, and there was a note “DIETING SUCKS ON BIRTHDAY”. Well, it ruined my diet for sure! But I’m so happy! Thank youu Cibo *kiss*

“Mwoohh” pic from Cibo!

She was also composed me a very nice song! You can hear it here: (Mad Girl’s Love Song (a poem by Sylvia Plath) by beradadisini)

I’ve also got surprised from @radixhidayat and @leonisecret! They came to Raconteur’s glass-house.

I’ve also got a red velvet from my BFF, @flishn!

Some BBM’s fellas also change their display picture with my photo! ❤

I also celebrate my birthday at @holycowsteak with cibo @beradadisini and @nsadjarwo steak for FREE! They have a compliment program for birthday customers. So I wore this funny headgear, and I ate tenderloin wagyu that cost IDR 150.000 for free!! Yaaiiyy, what a great deal! Thanks @holycowsteak

Me and this silly headgear! xD

My birthday date! :*

My boyfriend also gave me a very special gift. I’ve got a full pack of Nintendo Wii this year! I’m so surprised knowing that he’s really supportive on my diet program! However, I still got this full-fat chocolate cake from him. xD

Even though, I don’t want to grow up. But, having birthday with a lot of surprises is really fun! 🙂 Can I have birthday, without adding +1 to my age?

Love, Nanath.