Romantic Blue

For those who like to edit photo with photoshop, you might be interested with this. I made a photo-action/photo stock (PSD) for my photo-tone, so you can learn how to edit photo just like what I did :p. This idea came, because many people on deviantart, twitter, and facebook asked about how to create a tone just like what I applied on my photo. Well, you cannot maximize your tone if you don’t have at least good photo, without/less noises and the most important is a good lighting (even actually, I can make those annoying noises become beautiful somehow. I’ll tell you guys later). So the thing is, good photography is still important to create a good tone when you play on photoshop.

So this is my first photo-tone stock (PSD FILE), called romantic blue. You can modify the tone as you like. Enjoy! 🙂

Download here: Blue Romantic PSD

Love, Nadia