Maverick and New Boyfriend

If I tell you this, I bet you’ll be really envy with me! Like I said before – somewhere in my previous blog post – that I work in a very cool office! Yes. Maverick. I mean it. Do you know why I said it’s a really really cool office? They appreciate and support what we want to do, what we love, and what we want to be! They support our passion and develop our uniqueness, creativity so we could maximize our work, and our talent to the top!

That’s how Maverick works, and that why I said this office is really cool.

In Maverick, I work as Social Media Associate for Raconteur (Division of Maverick). In Raconteur, there are many projects that required photo & design works. Well I’m not design/photography student but I just love to design, and I love photography.

One day in Maverick’s anniversary, I got a really fun job! The committee told me to do a photo wall project that will be attached on panel board at Maverick’s anniversary event. The concept was: people should wear their formal outfit with one thing that they passionate of (it could be anything)! So the panel board is kinda like this:

In addtion, I also worked for Mavtalks book design. There are some photo projects & content layouts that I also did for the book. The fact, I’ve never do any book layouting before! So in this case, I thought that I need to learn Adobe InDesign and I did it! But seriously, this thing is really taught me that we do thing very quick if there’s a need/pressure. So here are some book design and photo shoot that I did for Maverick Anniversary:

Lucky that I had a very great and talented models here! They’re really good on camera, so I didn’t have to worry and do so many digital plastic surgery here *grin*

Now, let’s move to the best part of the story!

I was so happy, because Maverick gave me an opportunity and trusted me to do the design. Since it was my very first experience to do design & photo works for a company, I felt really honored . I couldn’t barely speak and my heart was beating fast when Ong and Hanny asked me to talk in Maverick’s meeting room personally in the morning-blue. I thought I did something wrong.

But suddenly they gave me an envelope. I wondered what it was? When I opened it, the first thing in my head is a NEW CAMERA, because Maverick gave me a JPC-Kemang Voucher.

For sure, I couldn’t say enough but thank you! Thank’s for always appreciate what I do, what I like, what I passionate of! Thank you Maverick! :’)

So I upgraded Kenny, my Canon 450D into Canon 600D! Actually, I didn’t sell my 450D. I gave it to my sister Alda, since she looks interested in photography. I bought my 600D in November. Actually this blog is already being draft for a long time :)) Thanks god finally I can finish the blog today! So here we go KEN, MY NEW BOYFRIEND!

Yuhuu! I’ll start to make some video project with this camera. I still don’t know what the project would be? Maybe a romantic short movie like I did with Hanny in Sunday and Sunflowers project? Let see! Now I’m still learning about Adobe Premiere. Hope I could get used into it, soon!

Love, Nanath