Kuala Lumpur – Hong Kong

I haven’t write since february. I think my mood just stopped in the secret heart series, and get a mood lost ever since. Yes, I haven’t talk to you or this blog since February. But I just realize, there are so many things that I haven’t post. Some beautiful moment that I want to put a track on it. This 2 months was crazy. I’m traveling quite often this month. Again, thanks to Maverick that gave an opportunities to travel!

It started with Kuala Lumpur (11 – 15 February 2012)

I accompanied Hanny to present in Malaysia Social Media Week 2012 in Kuala Lumpur. But the story is just more than that! I met some new great friends, Vic and Prakash, and we were spent our time together there, even valentine’s day! Before I go to the best story that I’ve got on Valentine’s day, I’ll show you some photoshot from KL.

And these are Vic and Prakash. Vic is not a malaysian. He’s a Vietnamese, and he’s a lecturer and a dancer. He’s really smart, sweet, and he has this beautiful mind. I feel very lucky to know him and his story about his life, his experience, his belief, and everything. Hope we could have longer time to share about a lot of things.

Prakash. Sarcastic person, but seriously deep down inside, he’s a really sweet guy. He bought me and hanny a flower one day before valentine’s day, and a beautiful dress on Valentine’s day! sweet, isn’t it? ❤

The best gift ever on Valentine’s day was from @natalixia! She recorded Christian Sugiono saying “Happy Valentine’s day” to me! I was just crying when I received the mentioned from @natalixia, saying that I should open one a link from her. So this is the video!

Hong Kong (9 – 11 March 2012)

It was my very first time visited Hong Kong and I love it anyway! The city, the people, the style, the price, and I can find a boots with only $HK 150 (which is only Rp.150.000,- or $US 12). It was spring in Hong Kong, so the weather was pretty cold (the last time was 8 degrees) and I got brain freeze all the time (but again, it was fun!)

I can tell that it was amazing to see myself fought a super cold weather, rain, and still.. I walked for some kilometers from store to store, from street to street, and everything. IT’S AMAZING to finally prove that I still can handle it :)) well, it burned my calories thou.

I also went to some places like The Peak, Disney Land, City Gate Mall, Mong Kok ladies market, Cause Way Bay, Central. DISNEYLAND was great. I didn’t make it to try all things there. I only play Space Mountain, and “Mickey’s” PhilharMagic. It was so fun and so crazy!

After that I went around the disneyland for shopping and took some pictures. Then I met Cinderella, a very beautiful princess, with blue dress. She’s so pretty!! Unfortunately, I lost a chance to take a pic with her.

The pizza looks like Mickey.

You can see all the photos here, and Hanny’s blog here (she posted some pretty picture about Hong Kong in black and white).

Love, Nanath