Engagement Day

I think there are so many things that I haven’t updated since .. I don’t know when. If we talk about drama, I’d say “Lord, I trapped (and maybe in love) with this crazy hour, city, and everything that I should hate!” I do believe that I am a masochist with these craziness. ( Masochist [Read: mas-uh-kist] means a person who is gratified by pain, degradation, etc., that is self-imposed or imposed by others ).

Anyway, if you just visited to my blog, then welcome! This is a place when I share everything personal. Nothing serious, nothing romantic, nothing poetic, but if you want to read it, I’ll serve you with some cookies and a cup of tea.


One of the most important thing that I haven’t updated! Yes, I’m engaged to a man named Deni Zuliansyah or you can call him Dejul on July 8th and we are going to marry on December 8th 2012. It’s a WOW moment for me, because I never expect that my life is going to be in a very straight line. I always want to be a bride when I hit 24, and it’s happening! Thank god!


I think I’ve posted something about lucky number 8. This infinity number brought an infinity happiness into my life! It started from when I was born on November 8th, 1988 at 08.00 am, then I went to high school number 8, he confessed his feeling to me on May 8th 2010, he talked to my father that he’s going to marry me on May 8th 2012 too, we’re engaged on July 8th 2012,  and we are going to marry on December 8th 2012! It’s a rare coincidence for me! I hope I don’t need to have 8 kids ( -.-” )

Love, Nadia.