Timeless Journey | The Wedding – December 8th 2012.

2012 has been a very special year for me. I finally realize one of the dream that I’ve been waiting for all my life (you can say I am exaggerating, but it’s true!) which is GETTING MARRIED.

( … )

I’M A MARRIED WOMAN finally. People say that I’m too young to get married, but that’s what people say.. which is I don’t mind, since at the end of the day, whenever will be, I’m going to get married anyway :D. My memory is quite bad, so before I forgot all things about my marriage, I’m going to write it down every single detail of the wedding! So hopefully if you want to get married, and you do like the vendor, you could find it here as well.


Timeless Journey

“ours is a timeless journey because I always find new reason to fall in love with you again everyday” – @beradadisini

I got that beautiful words from my boss in Raconteur, Hanny Kusumawati a.k.a @Beradadisini on twitter. She is a famous writer that also has a very famous blog. You can check it out her: beradadisini.com (happy get inspired!)

TIMELESS JOURNEY. A concept from a friend who worked in one of the coolest automotive industry Piaggio, Radit a.k.a @KetanSerundeng that lend me 2  Vespas that was beautify the wedding decoration! I chose Timeless Journey because the concept is very related to marriage life. Everyday, we’ll always find new thing that make us learn more and more to be even better. Maybe someday we’ll find riddles that we should bound to survive. It’s like an adventure which we are the one that will choose how it’s going to end. Happily? or not.


One thing that I want to say about Puri Suryalaya Wedding House. “It’s beautiful the way it is!”. They have an indoor and outdoor area, so if you want to held a wedding in rain season, you don’t have to worry. The most significant advantage if you want hold your wedding here is they already have a pretty layout and decoration.


5 Stars for them. I do really like the work! They made my wedding super beautiful and I felt like living in a fairytale. So, yes! I am super satisfied! You can see some of their decoration below:

Pre-wedding photo decoration.

Snowy-tree, and bird’s cage.

The aisle, and wedding’s car.

Other decoration

Akad decoration.


I can say that destiny is one of the best wedding’s catering in Bandung. They are very professional, the food is delicious, and the most important thing, the decoration is also included! So you don’t have to add another “flowers” vendor for this.


Actually, I never like traditional wedding make up in Indonesia. Sometimes it makes the bride like a clown. Too powdery, too white, too shady, etc. Of course I don’t want to ruin my wedding with that kind of make up! So I chose Lizzie Parra as my wedding make up artist, and yes! I am satisfied! (a little bit abbout lizzie parra: she’s very young, but trust me! she’s very talented. she has a beauty blog in lizzieparra.com. She does some make up tutorial as well!) Anyway, I like the make up because it blends very well with my actual color, so it doesn’t look fake, or too white (nggak MEDOK).

Reception make-up.

Akad make-up

So this is a short make up making process :)) I was recording it myself from my laptop


One of the most favorite thing in my wedding is the DRESS! Yes, because it’s the most essential thing in the wedding. For Akad, I borrowed it from Kharisma Citra Boutique. You will definitely want to get married again, if you see some pretty dresses there!

And the most favorite dress is my reception dress, made by Tante Susi. I love the color (dusty pink). She’s also very creative, because she modify my wedding shoes with some swarovski stones! ❤

The shoes and the dress.


Of course the wedding wont be complete without wedding photography. One thing that I like from them is their tone. Lovely, simple but classy.

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 2.30.23 PM

They were also did our pre-wedding photo and also pre-wedding video. Below is one of our favorite photo! You can see the rest here (wedding) and here (pre-wed)

And this is our pre-wed video. The script is created by Hanny Kusumawati (@beradadisini). She wrote about this on her blog here.


After experienced other photobooth vendor, I think ORIGAMI from Weddingku is the best. The photo is very clear, and there was no glitch during the event. I was lucky because I got a discount from wedding exhibition, so it was cheaper! 😀


Other important thing on my wedding are:

  • Mamarazi Wedding Organizer. The people inside is very cooperative, responsible, and also professional.
  • MC – Radit & Yuma. They are a very professional MC (both are announcers), very cooperative, no glitches, great voice.
  • Langen and friends, our wedding band. They have a very beautiful music indeed!
  • and other that I can’t mention one by one!

Also, thank you for all the invitees that come to the wedding! Really appreciate and I hope you were enjoy there 🙂