Video: How to Date Me?

Masih inget nggak, buku cerita interaktif anak-anak jaman dulu dimana pembaca harus menentukan akhir ceritanya sendiri? Dulu sih waktu masih kecil rajin banget ngajak papa ke gramedia untuk beli buku itu! Serinya ada… Continue reading

Storyteller’s Picnic Day

This how I spent my Friday with other storytellers. Lovely-picnic-night, with some snacks, cocktails, yogurt, stories and some wishes to make. This is one of the reason, why I love them pretty muches!… Continue reading


“Ours” Elevator buttons and morning air Strangers’ silence makes me want to take the stairs If you were here we’d laugh about their vacant stares But right now my time is theirs Seems… Continue reading


Playing around with my kenboy. Some lazy-shots in lazy-nighty night! 🙂 Love, Nanath.

Maverick and New Boyfriend

If I tell you this, I bet you’ll be really envy with me! Like I said before – somewhere in my previous blog post – that I work in a very cool office!… Continue reading

Romantic Blue

For those who like to edit photo with photoshop, you might be interested with this. I made a photo-action/photo stock (PSD) for my photo-tone, so you can learn how to edit photo just… Continue reading


“God, can I just stay in this age forever? Can I just freeze the time?” – a wishes on November 8th 2011. Growing up is something invisible. Everyday, we are growing up. Today… Continue reading

Beauty Shot of Fia Febriani

My big sissy is married now! After waiting for so long, I’ve finally got a chance to take her photo. I can’t believe that she’s pretty enough on camera! Please take a look… Continue reading


There are many things that I’ve learned in this world until today. I think god was just being very nice to me, and yes I’m so thankful for every gifts that god gave… Continue reading


Kangen itu rasanya seperti membelah diri menjadi dua bagian; yang satu diam di tempat, yang satu terbang melayang di tempat dimana yang dirindukan berada. Kangen itu rasanya seperti minum kopi, tapi rasanya kaya… Continue reading